Hi all!

I would like to announce that one of our translators, @juan.garcia.heredero, has created and released a tool to retrieve info from completed jobs.

This tool retrieves completed job information such as collection ID, level, number of units/words, and rewards among others, so many of you may find it useful to keep a personal record of your work with Gengo. Please note that the tool will not store job content details, though, as per Gengo's Translator NDA, which requires translators to delete all original content within 30 days.

You can find Juan's post, in which he explains how to download and use his tool here, so if this is something that interests you, please give it a try, and feel free to ask questions and share feedback directly with Juan.

It's always great to see more and more of our developer translators getting creative and sharing their work with the community! 

Keep up the good work!



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    Thank you Lara! I'll keep an eye on these 2 threads in case anyone has any question.


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    Thank you!

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