I just got an email saying there were collections available in my language groups, but when I went to the site they were gone. The email also said that in the past seven days, there have been 112 available collections in your language pair.

Am I just not in the right place at the right time? What am I missing so I can actually claim jobs?


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    "Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown". You should try using RSS, but I doubt it will help much: https://support.gengo.com/entries/25174969

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    Dear Cheryl, experience shows that you almost never will be able to grab a job from an email notification. Maybe at 2 am in the morning of your time zone when all your competing translators are asleep. But normally, jobs are gone in seconds. The time you need to open your email software is used by other translators to grab the job already. And most jobs are gone before even an email notification will be sent out.

    The way to go is RSS and nothing else. Get yourself an RSS notifier application and have the jobs pop up on your desktop, and when that happens: Be FAST! That's the only way to claim jobs regularly.

    Good luck!

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    Indeed, it's a dog-eat-dog scenario. This is the best way applied by Gengo to loose highly skilled linguists, and it is working flawlessly!

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    @ricardoazedo: I think a lot of it really, really depends on the language pair, how busy that pair is, and if you're a preferred translator or not. I definitely recommend asking about the preferred translator thing - I think it can make a huge difference for grabbing jobs in your pair if the opportunity is available.

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