I believe a large number of translators are realizing the importance to understand "who is the customer" as discussed in: 



But I currently found Gengo have a change of activity display on both text and file job page. 

For file job, it used to be displayed as "Job made available by Customer #XXXXXX", now it is just "Job made available by Gengo".
In text job page, there is a line showing "Job was added by Customer #XXXXXXX", but there is not such line in file job page.

As a result, if the customer doesn't leave an initial comment for the file job, there is no way for me to know "who is the customer?" (and whether this is the customer I had translated for them before ? etc. ) 
Actually I don't care who exactly the customer is, but understanding the "Customer #XXX" is helpful for me to process the translation if I happened to have worked for them before.

What's more, not only "job start" , but also "job approved" is disappearing! (in file job)
So now, I even cann't find when did the client approve my job... (looks like this only happened when it is auto-approved after the 120 hours review period though)


I have submitted a support ticket for this issue but unfortunately they replied "Our Engineering team has decided not to fix the issue of file jobs not showing the Customer ID who made the job available. Apparently it is now supposed to say 'by Gengo'. "

I totally don't get the reason why Gengo made this change (and looks like it was only for file jobs).


I would like to know how many translators have similar thoughts like me and how do you think ?


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