The Translator Agreement says: "you may not communicate the content or customer of any jobs you work on with other translators, customers, family members, friends, and colleagues...".

If I do a translation about dried apricots, for a company that sells dried fruit, the would be OK to say to someone: "I just did a translation about apricots for a company that sells fruit products." (without revealing the translation content or the name of the fruit-selling company)?


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    That's an interesting question.

    If we follow the agreement to the letter, looks like it isn't okay doesn't it? But discussing it in such a generic way, I personally feel that should be okay. Particularly if you were to generically describe a job here on the forums for purposes of discussion or to highlight issues/areas of improvement. I'm in the medical field and that's how we solve that issue-all patient information is generally completely confidential, but we can anonymize case information and use it for the purposes of teaching students/other colleagues. But I'm in no position to speak for Gengo!

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