Hello everyone!

My name is Eutah and I'm an intern on the Community team here at Gengo.

Here at Gengo we believe that the art of translation is not something to be taken lightly. We are strong advocates of producing quality translations, something that takes years and years of practice to perfect. That’s why we can’t help but cringe when we see an obviously half-hearted machine translated line of text in public, making us think “Should have Gengo’d it!”

We all love to hate translation fails, where something has not been translated quite right resulting in a funny and often unintended message.

As a translation company with a diverse and global team located across the world, we have a tradition among Gengons (Gengo staff) where we share photos of badly translated texts and signs that we come across throughout the day.

Here are some examples:


Extra grainy please!


I'll try, but no guarantees


We thought it would be fun to create this forum thread where Gengo translators could carry on the tradition and share the funniest and most awkward translations you’ve seen around your own town, workplace or school.

The best images will be shared on our social media accounts or in a special blog post!

Images should be your own original picture and not taken for the internet. Please also include where the translation fail was found.


Have fun!


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