Why Gengo does not develop its own plugin to let translators know when they have new jobs? Another company (which i will not say the name just in case) does it, and it provides a more fair condition to those who want to know the exact time when they got a new job. It would solve some issues as well, like to much refresh on Gengo page and too much rss requests if you make it the only way to know when you get a new job (except for seeing it in the dashboard). 


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    It would not be any better than RSS, except if it maintained an open connection to Gengo servers for "push" notifications. But this would use more server resources than what we have now, and it would make it impossible to beat bots and translators who do not take even one second to check jobs before accepting them.

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    What Niels said.

    It would be different if Gengo removed the Dashboard and RSS as means of getting new jobs altogether and ONLY used such a plugin to coordinate the notification of available jobs for all users at given intervals. The servers traffic would definitely sink, and I think it would be difficult to use "bots" with a third party tailor-made plugin (or external program), but it would ultimately still be a rat race for jobs...

    In that case, Gengo could just as well opt for real-time email notifications (since they already have the means to do so), but I really don't see them abandoning the Dashboard as an allocation tool (as flawed as it may be).

    Ultimately, IMO the main issues at play here are: 1) Insufficient capacity from Gengo's servers; 2) Insufficient amount of jobs in several pairs; and 3) Excessive amount of users in several pairs. I fear that adding a browser plugin wouldn't change that...

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    The rat race is one way to allocate a job at random to a translator. Another way would be to select at random, per job, a small number of translators, make the job only available to this small group instead of to all translators, and send them a notification via email.

    Even if Gengo did this only for large jobs (e.g., 500+ units), that would make a tremendous difference for the translators while only marginally affecting the low turnaround times that Gengo is so fond of.

    I share the feeling that there are too many of us for the low volume of jobs, at least in my own pair. However, since the beginning of this month I translated already more than in May 2014 (for a total of $200 vs. $160). With another 1/3 month to go, I wonder if things are really as bad as we feel they are.

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