I have picked up a job and quite frustratingly discovered it contains just one term I simply can't figure out. The context is a recommendation letter for someone who has studied mechanical engineering related to racing cars, and this is the full sentence containing the mysterious term: 

A大学の私の研究室でははCOURAGE LC70車にオリジナルのエンジンYR40Tを搭載しL肥1車,TOP03で2009年にAsian Le Mans、続いて2010、2011年にILMC(Intercontinental Le Mans Cup)の1000km耐久レースに学生チームとしては世界初の参戦をしましたが、そのとき赤尾賢一君はシャシーエンジニアとして、メカニックを率いて完走を果たすのに大きく貢献しました。

I have of course tried looking it up everywhere I can think of, but nothing comes up. I'm thinking it might be a typo, but in that case I don't know what it could be a typo of. I did just leave a comment to ask the customer, but I'm not sure if they will respond and I only have 2 hours left to finish the job. I would hate to lose the job just because of this one word, so if anyone here can help me out I would really appreciate it! Thank you so much!


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    Vox Nipponica

    Looks like an OCR error, and it bears similarity to the LC70車 appearing earlier in the document. This is probably L◯◯車, ◯ corresponding to some model number. Try looking up the surrounding context to see if there is a model like this that would be equipped with the YR40T engine. Sounds like a custom research lab project, so you may hit on their own web site.

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    Hi, I agree to Vox Nipponica that it looks like an OCR error, or typo. Have you thought about it could be LMP1? LMP stands for Le Mans Prototype and LMP1 is one of the category types  that applies for such races like Asian Le Mans. "COURAGE LC70車にオリジナルのエンジンYR40Tを搭載したLMP1車" does make sense to me as a whole. Just reminds you that I'm a native Japanese. Hope this helps.

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