Hello! I've just subscribed a couple of days ago and I'm now waiting for the results of my EN>IT test, but I wish I could actually apply for JA>IT translations as well (which is in fact my preferential combination); I was wandering if this is ever in program to be activated.

Thank you to anyone who will reply!


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    Hi f.bertello!

    First of all thanks for your interest in Gengo! I hope you pass your test and let us know that you are now part of the team soon! :)

    As for JA>IT, we currently have no plans of opening this language pair, since we have received no demand for it. However, in the event that we did receive enough demand, we would definitely consider the option. You can subscribe here to receive notification if/when this happens!

    Hope this helps!


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    Hello Lara!

    Thank you very much for your reply! I hope too I'll be soon joining officially to the community, for sure I'll let you know as soon ;-)

    I had already found a link to the page of subscription in an other topic, but I think it was out of date, because it seamed to be broken. I subscribed now, let's hope something will come ;-)

    Thanks again!


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