My pair is Canadian French-English, and there has not been any job in 3 days. I am new in Gengo and I do not know if this is a normal situation. Can anyone help me?


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    Hi jorge.aeroestado,

    Welcome aboard!

    I can only speak for my own language pair, which is English to Dutch. When I just started with Gengo, I had zero jobs for ages (about a month, in retrospect). Later on, I started to see more and more jobs. My current average is some 10,000 words per month.

    I think Gengo's strategy is to first extend the translators pool, and only then attract more customers.

    Make sure you use an RSS reader to check each minute for new jobs.

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    Hi Jorge,

    My understanding is that this pair is not actually open for ordering yet but will be very shortly. If anyone from Gengo would like to chime in, that would be great!

    Welcome to Gengo!

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