I've been taking the exam for over a year now and every single time, even I took weeks of checking, re-checking, over-checking and whatnot, it always gets rejected (most of the time for silly reasons - once they were typos, another time it was "this way sounds more natural"). Now I have one last chance, and when I try to take it, it redirects me to the tests page, which I assume means that you've blocked the test for everyone or just me.

On the other side, I've been working here for 2 years, I have over 1,500 translations and my rating from customers is 5.0 and from review it varied from 8 to 10 (and one 7), my speed is 750, and I've been involved in big, selected translators, projects. What I mean by this is, should we be judged by one single test (corrected by one, and only one "senior translator") or should our expertise in translations be based on past work and scores (much like in any job interview)? I believe the one test approach makes no sense, really, specially when I've done LOTS of jobs that were wrongly categorized as "basic" or just more complex than most basic jobs we see here.

Fortunately, Gengo isn't my main source of freelance translations and sadly I have to admit it stopped being my number one source since the other sites are more appealing to me (both on pay and on the way they categorize as basic, pro or expert translators)



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    Natalia Manidis

    Dexter, thanks for taking the time to write this. I agree with many of your points and have shared your post with our Product Manager and Head of Translator Operations, who also both share similar views. The suggestion to use experience to determine qualifications has come up before and it is one that is definitely still under consideration. 

    Unfortunately, this would require a major change to our testing system so it's not something that we'll be able to implement in the short term. But, please know that it's on our radar!

    Finally, the reason why you can't take the test again is because testing for your language pair is currently turned off as we have enough translators for the current volume of words. 

    I'm sorry that your experience with us hasn't been a great one. We appreciate the honest feedback and will take it into consideration as we develop our systems and processes. 


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