The term "CEO" (Chief Executive Officer) has gone worldwide in the past years (I remember that when I learned English as a kid this term was no where to be seen in my country, Argentina). I keep seeing it in various articles in Spanish, on the news, etc. It seems it is an accepted term, but, the RAE (Real Academia Española, the organism that "dictates" rules for Spanish, even if we are translating to Latinamerican Spanish) doesn't include it in their dictionary. So, should we use CEO or use any of the (various) alternatives?

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    Tony Sarmiento

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the question! Recently I was in a translation conference and an expert translator mentioned some English terms that are "untranslatable"; CEO included. However, it is not recommendable to leave CEO in Spanish documents. I think we can translate it as: "Director Ejecutivo" or "Director General". Although -as you pointed out- these translation proposals are not the only solution.



    Antonio Sarmiento

    English > Spanish (Latin America) Gengo Senior Translator

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