Hi everybody! Hallo allemaal! My name is Marieke, and I am the senior translator for the EN>NL language pair. Feel free to ask me anything!


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    Hi Marieke!

    Do you combine your role with Gengo with another job?

    Do you live in the Netherlands?

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    Marieke (EN>NL Language Specialist)

    Hi there! Thank you for your interest! To answer your questions, I don't live in The Netherlands anymore. After studying journalism in Tilburg, I moved to Canada and completed my post-secondary education here. My entire family is in The Netherlands, though, so I visit them fairly regularly. I combine my work as an EN>NL Senior Translator with several other jobs. I do freelance work as a translator (both from Dutch to English and from English to Dutch), and I also work part-time as an instructor at Carleton University. I recently finished my PhD in English, so I hope to get more teaching work. Doing translations and teaching courses is the ideal combination for me: I get to work from home but also go out into the world to teach others! 

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