Not quite sure what the official language is at the Dutch forums, but to be safe I'll use English.

I wanted to share something that I find really strange: the translations that some big companies use are really terrible sometimes! Take for example the translation from a random page from Apple's website. For technical matters I can imagine a precise translation is key, but even their blurbs are full of unnatural sounding constructions. Even linguistic errors... Compare these two pages (just examples) if you want a good laugh (or cry).

The English text is so beautiful, isn't that the purpose of this text? To brings water to one's mouth? To translate this, you don't need someone with an English major, you need an artist! Any high school pupil will understand the source text, which is pretty basic English, the difficulty is into crafting those beautiful sentences, which can't be done by mere translating sentence by sentence. I bet that to create the English text multiple people worked very hard for several days. The Dutch text was just another translation.

Maybe I'm the only one that gets an allergic reaction when I look at this translation? Maybe not, then why does it look so bad? Is it that the no-nonsense mentality of the Dutch is too much embedded in the language that they just don't buy into any translation of 'Technology should never get in the way of humanity'? Or is a translation possible, but only if the 'translator' starts almost from scratch, only conveying the message and using the same basic structure, not using anything else from the source? 

Would love your perspective.


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