I am curious for the reason that discussion about the feedback you get on tests you take (especially when they are rejected, but also more generally) is disallowed—is it time constraints on the part of Gengo? I ask because I have taken two standard tests so far, with one being accepted and one being rejected, and in both cases I plain disagreed with the criticisms I received (particularly for the one that was rejected). I don't really care about having to retake the test, but I strongly dislike leaving things unresolved.

If the reasoning here is that it would take too much time and effort, then I suppose I will have to accept it, but it is a bit frustrating, especially if the reviewers are apparently going to make mistakes with the language.



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    Hello dear Vincent,
    I really do agree with you, about time and effort of the one who was checking the written topic, but you cannot disappreciate
    another points of view; on the other hand, the concerned different deep opinion of the evaluater, and because of the knowledge of him/her, about it. The last thing I should add, should be about the experience and its concerns confronting the topic.
    Oscar John

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