A recent survey revealed that many of you are unfamiliar or at least uncomfortable with Gengo’s flagging function. We do monitor incoming jobs as much as possible, but sometimes a customer unintentionally submits a job that just isn’t quite suited to Gengo’s strengths.

As it states in our Getting Started guide:

If you find major problems with a particular job, please flag it. When you flag a job, the customer and our support team will be automatically notified. If the customer fixes the problem (or you flag a job by accident), you can always resolve the issue yourself by clicking the "This issue has been resolved. Remove this flag" button.

Now what, you may ask, constitutes a flaggable job? Here are a few pointers to help you determine if the offending job is in fact unsupported by our Quality Policy.

Gengo isn't a specialist translation service. So if you find any translation jobs in the system that contain legal, technical, or safety-critical content, you and your fellow translators should make every effort to flag them. These include: 

  • Legal documents.
  • Technical or scientific material requiring specialist knowledge.
  • Songs, jingles, poetry, advertising catchphrases, or other text requiring artistic input.
  • Material where life may be at risk in case of error, including warning signs, instructions, medical equipment, and labeling.

However, if the customer indicates that they only need a gist or draft translation, it's fine to proceed.

You may also flag a job for technical issues: 

  • Wrong language pair
  • Wrong word count
  • Corrupted file
  • Incorrect job level

Here’s a breakdown of suitable jobs by level: 

  • Standard: best for e.g. reviews, product descriptions, social media messages, or service responses
  • Pro (Business): best for e.g. guides, articles, publishable materials, or manuals
  • Ultra: best for e.g. static content, faqs, marketing, or about us texts

If you do decide to flag a job, please be courteous. If you’re not sure about whether a job should be flagged, just let us know (support@gengo.com)!

As always, we also welcome you to post any comments/questions right here on our forums page! 


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