As a translator you can count as a digital nomad, so it surprises me there's nothing on the forum about living together with others in nice places away from your home country. Right now I'm the only translator in a coliving in Madeira, which is a so-called digital nomad hotspot.

Here below we can discuss good countries for digital nomad translators, and in particular colivings in those countries, and hopefully find a place where some of us translators can meet.

For me, advantages with Madeira include clean air, good quality tap water, and beautiful landscapes, in addition to the vibrant digital nomad community.

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    Nice topic, Sebastian! Portugal seems to be a very popular destination for digital nomads due to its Digital Nomad Visa, nice climate, relatively low cost of living (compared with most other EU countries) and so on. I'm not a digital nomad, but I'm interested in hearing more about other translators' experiences when it comes to relocating to another country. What are the requirements for obtaining a residence permit? How long does the procedure take and what's the cost? How much is the rent? And everything else that is relevant. So I'll be following this topic :)

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