Could Gengo please correct this?

(notice the added spaces)


Just tweaking the machine translation to not insert new spaces after symbols or between triple bracket tags and such (which should be trivial to fix) would be a great help on collections with a lot of code segments like this one. These cases can get quite annoying with having to correct every instance, not to mention the risk of missing some of these extra spacing.


I have done jobs containing hundreds of segments like this in the past, and it really adds worktime with a merely mechanical (kinda mindless, even) task of deleting extra spacing. It really breaks your workflow.


It's a small thing, but it really can mean a lot in some cases!


Thank you.


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    Rica Tero

    Hi @Gabriel,

    Thanks for sharing it here in the forum. I will share this with the team. 😊

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    I have just reached the time limit for such a job. Under normal conditions, the ratio of words to time available would be more than enough, but with these jobs it is not. I have written to support asking if the deadline could be extended but I have not yet received a reply and the deadline has already expired. Half a morning wasted =(

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