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Is it just me? Yesterday, my dashboard was unreachable for hours (not only on my computer but also on my smartphone - with Chrome and Firefox), and guess what? In the meantime, Feeder showed more than 14 jobs (I was able to see them once on the dashboard, but then clicking on them generated an error message), among them some good Pro ones (and it didn't happen for weeks). It is very strange, to say the least...


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    @logos_sarada Same here. I was getting error 504 or error 502 for most of the afternoon, which usually means there's an issue with Gengo's servers. It has become rather frequent these last few months. It's beyond me why that's not been addressed yet as it supposedly affects everyone.

    Besides, I've also noticed what you mentioned. Before, when the servers were down, you weren't getting any job notifications, as I supposed customers couldn't connect to them either. The last couple of times, however, I was getting job notifications, so some collections were somehow still being ordered. Maybe this specific aspect is being handled by a different server now, I don't know. Are these outages affecting servers only for specific locations? The jobs posted during these outages are clearly being taken, so who even gets to take them, how and why? Plenty of questions here which I'd very much like to see answered. All I know is that these server issues have wasted almost a full week of my time since the beginning of the year (not to mention the loss of potential income for which we're ofc not compensated in any way).

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    Hello there,

    It happened to many if not all of us. When this happens I search "Gengo down" on Google in order to find websites where users can report server/service status issues (e.g. https://updownradar.com/status/gengo.com), since the official Gengo server status is always green no matter what. That way I'm sure the issue doesn't come from my end.

    I suspect server overload: too many server requests for their server capacity (too many users loading dashboard/job pages at the same time). The worst part is that when this happens, Gengo doesn't react in any way to alleviate the issue (not even a single message). Therefore translators will tend to react by loading pages even more frequently, since the job offer they have clicked on doesn't stop loading and may still be available, which makes the original issue even worse.

    When this happens we should all write to support to let them know we are experiencing the issue.

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    @SagaGemin using the website I mentioned, you can see that the issue may be worldwide. In previous occurrences, there were reports from Europe and North America. I'm also wondering why some translators seem to manage to take the jobs while I definitely can't. Could be luck (1 in a thousand requests may go though) but I don't have a clue...

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    Rica Tero

    Hi everyone!

    We apologize for the inconvenience and are grateful for your patience and understanding of this issue. The problem is now resolved, and the engineering team is identifying a solution that effectively mitigates similar issues in the future. Thank you all for the insights and experiences you shared in the forum.

    Please continue to report any issues with the platform to the support team so they can timely notify the respective teams.

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