As we all probably know, we Gengo translators don't always get the best of contexts for our translations (if ANY context at all in a lot of cases!). But sometimes, the title of the collection we get to see on our RSS feeds gives us a good clue about what the job is about at least.


The thing is that I only can see this title on my RSS notification but not anywhere on the platform. Well, except for document jobs, which do show this title, but even with that, it seems to have a 12-character limit, so it gets cut off 99% of the time, so you can't read the whole thing. And as previously mentioned, there is no trace of the title on regular collections.


I think this should be pretty trivial to patch in, and it would only benefit everyone. What do you people think?

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    Katrina Paterson

    Hi Gabriel, thank you very much for your suggestion about making collection titles visible on the workbench. We have passed this suggestion along so that it can be looked into further when resources allow. Please do keep your feedback coming!

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