Hello! I'm trying to secure more work, and wonder if it would be permissible to use segments of 200-300 words from Gengo jobs I have submitted earlier, as sample work to showcase to new customers. I would of course be removing references to brands, products, specific people, etc. This work would probably be visible to all prospective customers on a website.


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    Rica Tero

    Hi @lplokken!

    Thanks for sharing your concern here in the forum. According to the Translator Agreement, it is not allowed to share any of the Customer's content.

    1. You agree to the Gengo Translator NDA

    You agree to the Gengo Translator NDA, which is incorporated herein by reference. The NDA requires that, among other things:

    • You may not copy, share, or distribute a Customer’s source content, guidelines, instructions, glossaries, or other materials provided by a Customer (“Client Materials”) or a Customer’s information.
    • You must treat all Client Materials and Customer information as confidential information.
    • You may not use any Client Materials, or mention or discuss Customer content or information, outside of direct communication with the Customer within the Gengo comment system or with a Gengo staff member. For example, You may not discuss or share the content or Customer of any jobs You work on, with other translators, Customers, family members, friends, or colleagues (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Your blog) even if the Customer is publicly known to be a Customer of Gengo.

    8. You agree that Gengo owns the translated works

    You agree that, as between You and Gengo, Gengo solely owns all right, title, and interest in any material You provide to Gengo, including but not limited to all Client Materials, translated works, localizations for Gengo.com, translations for email notifications and web orders, solely or in collaboration with others, or in connection with Your dealings with Gengo.

    If you ever need a reference letter, you can request it at the support team at support@gengo.com. For any additional questions about this, you can share it on this thread or message the support team. Thank you!

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    As long as it is not work in progress nor confidential nor private nor paid content, you may use parts and even keep names.

    "You agree that Gengo owns the translated works". That would be an issue if you intended on selling pretty much the exact same translation again, and may be an issue if you intended on posting full copies of translations you had sold to Gengo. Bear in mind that Gengo doesn't own the translation anymore once the customer ended buying it, but may have an interest in some of its content through the translation memory system they may create upon it.

    Use your own judgment as you think in terms of harm or loss. If you are confident that posting said parts cannot harm the customer nor Gengo in any way, you are good to go, as none of the parties will notice nor care. Also, no harm or likelihood thereof = no ground for legal action.

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    Thanks for your replies.

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