Do you have any ideas on how to improve Gengo visibility on the Market? I think that Gengo is a good platform, but I am not sure whether it is widely known. Having a larger and steady "stream of jobs" wouldn't be that bad, perhaps. (My language pair is EN >> IT)

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    I guess that's a concern that should entirely be on the company's side. Judging from Gengo's home page, it has big customers (or maybe had once?), so maybe what they need are stronger business development and marketing teams.

    I don't know if our opinions here in this forum are going to have any leverage on what is essentially a corporate decision. I don't see any openings for marketing and/or sales personnel in Gengo's careers page, so maybe that's not a concern for now. I could safely assume the current dry spell is entirely seasonal.

    My main concern is the ongoing functionality issue to access jobs. The RSS feed worked like a charm for 4-5 years and all of a sudden it fails and we're left out without this side income, which, for a lot of us, is pretty significant. Gengo is looking for software and DevOps engineers, so let's assume they want to reinforce their backend and we'll have our translator experience back, they way it was before the now-constant technical issues.

    Anyway, these could be an interesting conversation to have if anyone else feels like chipping in. And let's hope for a much better 2023. 🙏🏼

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    Rica Tero
    Hi @Captnemo,
    Thank you for sharing your concern here in the forum! Also, to @Davy for sharing your thought on the thread. 🤍
    I will share this sentiment with the team. Our sales, marketing, and project management teams are doing their best to get more jobs for our translator. If you are pertaining to the social media platforms of Gengo, they are currently on rebranding.
    @Davy - This is my main concern, and I know how inconvenient it is to you and other translators. Our engineering team is optimizing and strengthening our system. Although, this will take time to fix. We will keep you posted once we get an update from them. 
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