I often come across half-finished collections where the previous translator has gone through and translated only the list items and bullet points, for example. Other times they will purposely avoid any items containing unit conversions. I feel like this kind of behavior should be discouraged, perhaps a penalty for dropping too many jobs in a certain period of time? I understand that those jobs will be marked up if they sit in the queue for too long, but knowing I'm doing the hard part of someone else's job is frustrating.


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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi vellyr,

    Thanks for this.

    The issue you mentioned recently came up in this other post. As explained in my reply there, the decline option is there for instances in which a translator finds it very difficult or impossible to provide a translation (due to issues with the source text or specialized requirements) and emergencies.

    It has been brought to our attention before that, in some cases, translators systematically complete the easiest jobs within a collection and decline the rest (for no particular reason other than those jobs demand a little more effort or research than the others). This is something that we don't encourage and which may trigger an investigation if we find that this type of behavior is consistently repeated. If you find that the same translator number is consistently "cherry picking" easy jobs within a collection, please report it to support@gengo.com and we will look into it.



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    The problem does exist. I remember once the other translator even left a comment: "Something better came up:) Good luck!"

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    @mkirali - What!? I can't believe what I've just read! I'm shocked!

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