Hello chaps,

Something that’s been bothering me lately:

Whenever I’m checking an English draft written by a Japanese person, especially business writing, I’ve noticed that they tend to start a lot of sentences with “Regarding XXX”, or “As for XXX” etc. clearly indicating the topic of the sentence before diving into it. When I’m translating, and I see a sentence that starts with XXXについて or XXXとして or even XXXには, I’m tempted to do the same.

But… that sentences structure just feels awkward to me, especially used multiple times in succession. I would personally prefer a clear English S-V-O structure.

How do you guys feel?

Regarding the structure of sentences, do you preserve the “as for…/regarding…”?
Or do you try to rewrite it as a S-V-O sentence?


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    Vox Nipponica

    Hi doge,


    Nothing wrong with rewriting. It is the natural choice.  Your instinct is right.

    You would only use "As for" when distinguishing one thing from a preceding thing.

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    I use these structures occasionally in my translations, but I agree they sound awkward if you use them too often. I think they sound natural enough used here and there, especially in formal writing. So I would probably rewrite some of those sentences if there were a lot of them, but not necessarily all.

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