I know that Gengo provides standard reference letters upon the request of the translator (as described here), but from what I've seen most traditional agencies ask for the contact information of individuals who can act as references so that they can request the reference letter themselves, rather than asking for the translator to have a reference letter sent to them directly.

I'm unsure how to utilise the reference letters described in the above link in a practical manner. Is there an email address that can be listed on a CV or reference list for an agency to contact to request a reference letter themselves?

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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi Lynn,

    Ideally, you'd request a reference letter and send it to your prospective employer together with your CV and cover letter.

    That would make the process smoother, as due to the nature of Gengo, being a crowdsourced translation platform in which you pick your jobs and submit them directly to the customer, with no direct interaction with Gengo employees, in many cases we are unable to answer questions regarding aspects of your work that are not already in the reference letter (which is a summary of your work for Gengo in terms of time, language pairs, qualifications, units and jobs translated, etc).

    However, if absolutely necessary, you can provide them with my email address: lara.fernandez@gengo.com



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