Hi all!

We would like to update you on the status of the reward rates after the increase that took place in some language pairs on December 1st.

As we explained in our original announcement, due to specific customer contractual agreements that were made before December 1st, jobs from some major clients will continue to be paid at the old reward rate for a temporary period, after which new jobs will be rewarded at the new rates. We apologize for any confusion caused as we know our translators are used to seeing one rate for Standard and Pro jobs.

It has also been brought to our attention that some of these jobs are currently showing the new reward rate on the dashboard when they should be showing the old reward rate. We are currently working to fix this issue, but we would like to reassure you that the total rewards that are being displayed for each job are correct.

Thank you very much for your patience,



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    As a translator by trade, I personally find the last two lines quite baffling... The rate per word is one of the most important aspects to consider when deciding whether a project "is worth it" or not... Saying the only important thing is the total reward is like saying that a 15k, $500 job is "better" than a 4.5k, $400 job, which is simply absurd...

    Since the rate info was totally unobtrusive, and, as said above, useful, I'd like to have it back. Actually, I'd go as far as to say that I'd like to see the "real" per word rate stated in the job "ribbons". What I mean by "real" rate is the total reward divided by the total number of words, as, since Gengo started to use TMs (which don't seem to be particularly helpful/good) and apply "discounts" for fuzzy matches, repetitions, etc. the nominal rate may or may not reflect the real rate per word paid for a job. So, in other words, if I see a list of jobs on the dashboard and have to decide which one to (try and) accept, I can't really take my calculator to decide which one is more profitable, especially when having a per word rate would synthetically just express that.

    Of course, in order to be 100% useful, that piece of info should be seen in light of a detailed analysis of the source containing the fuzzy bands, internal repetitions, new, etc. and that could only be presented in the job screen, but I'd like to be clearly told beforehand if the jobs I'm seeing on the dashboard are "TM jobs" or not, and perhaps you could come up with a simple analytic index that also says, at a glance, how many new words vs. fuzzies vs. reps/100% there are (like a very simple bar with three different colors, for instance).

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    Hi Lara,

    Could we please have some updates on those changes in the rates regarding the old clients?

    It was said that "due to specific customer contractual agreements that were made before December 1st, jobs from some major clients will continue to be paid at the old reward rate for a temporary period", I am curious to know how "temporary" temporary is. It's been 10 months but the rates for those old clients haven't changed yet. Do you know when that change be implemented?

    Personally I often work for some of those major clients, so that represents quite a big difference in earnings.

    Thanks ! :) 

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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi all!

    I wanted to let you all know that the reward rate display has been fixed.

    We have also taken said reward rates off the dashboard, and you will now find them in the Job Details page for each specific job.

    The reason for this is that we are in the process of redesigning the dashboard and, in the new dashboard, reward rates will be displayed in the job details page only. This is the result of several user testing surveys in which the general feedback we received from translators was that they don't find the reward per unit to be a very useful piece of information to state on the dashboard, and the majority stated that they tend to focus on the total reward only.



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