In this article we'll answer the most common questions you may have about AI projects and the AI Workbench. If you have any other questions or concerns that we haven't covered, feel free to let us know.



What is How is it related to Gengo?

Gengo has been providing translation and AI training-data services as a global people-powered technology platform since 2008. 

In 2018, we launched, which enabled us to significantly grow our customer base while diversifying the types of jobs accessible to our translator community. 

In January 2019, Gengo was acquired by Lionbridge, one of the world's most trusted global communications platforms. Gengo is steadily integrating its services with Lionbridge technology, starting with, which has become, as we focus on our commitment to our community and customers.


What types of data are supported?

We currently support data in text, image, audio and video formats.


Is there a time limit to complete each task?

Unless otherwise specified, tasks have a time limit of 15 minutes, but when you are working actively, you should be able to complete each of them in a much shorter amount of time. Additionally, some projects may have special requirements and time limits, so, you should always make it a point to read the specific guidelines provided, and make sure you understand them correctly before you start working. 


Can more than one person work simultaneously on the same project? 

Yes. A key difference with our translation workbench, if you've worked on it before, is that items in AI projects can't be claimed in bulk by our contributors. This means that, at any given point in time, there may be several contributors working on the same project and each of them only owns as many items within it as they complete. Accepting to work on a project doesn't guarantee ownership of all items, and these are subject to become unavailable anytime if they're being worked on and completed by other contributors.

Additionally, some projects may require “multiple passes”, meaning that the same item will be worked on independently by multiple contributors, in order to allow for higher quality control, and more opportunities for statistical analysis of the output results by the customer. 


Do I need to complete it all? (what if I don't have enough time?)

For most projects, this is not the case, and you can complete as many or as few items as you want. However, this may differ on a project by project basis, and some projects may require a specific number of tasks to be completed by the same individual. Please always refer to the relevant guidelines.


Can I decline a task?

If you want to stop working on a project at any point in time, click the "CANCEL" button. Any items you have submitted will remain assigned to you and you will be paid for them after they have been reviewed and approved. You can start again later, as long as the rest of the items have not been completed by other contributors.


What if I don’t see a “START” button?

If the “START” button is not visible, it means the project has been completed.


How can I see the total rewards for the items I have completed?

At the moment, the AI workbench only shows the rewards per item, so you’ll need to calculate yourself the total amount based on the number of items you have completed. We’re working to show the total reward amount on the AI workbench to help you keep track of your earnings.


When will I get paid?

We aim to pay you within 3 weeks after all the items of each project have been completed. If a project has a different payment arrangement, we will let you know via email.


How will I get paid?

The rewards per item are indicated in the instructions for each project, and you will be paid for all the items you submit after they are reviewed and approved. The total rewards will then be added to your balance as a manual reward adjustment. We are working on automating this process so rewards for approved tasks are automatically credited to your account in the future.

Once the rewards are credited to your account, you'll be able to request a payout to receive them through your preferred payment method (PayPal or Payoneer) following the instructions here.

Please note that in order to request your payment you’ll need to have filled out and submitted a tax form following the instructions here. (This tax form is for Gengo’s purposes only. No tax will be withheld from your payment.)


Where can I see a list of my completed AI projects?

As of now, there’s no way to see all your completed projects. Once you're done with it, the project disappears from your dashboard.

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