We currently do not provide a proofreading service for documents that have already been translated. We are working to add this feature soon.


While Gengo does not provide transcription services, we have partners such as 3PlayMedia who do. If you need a transcription and a translation, we recommend that you first consult with a transcription service provider, then you can return to Gengo for a translation once the transcript is ready. If you go through a partner like 3PlayMedia, you can order both a transcription and translation all-in-one through their platform.


Gengo provides the translation of written text, and we do not offer voice interpretation services. 

Certified Translations

If you have official documents that require certified translations or a "Certificate of Accuracy" (these often include immigration, legal, marriage, and other personal certificates and documents), you will need to consult with a specialist translation agency, since Gengo does not provide such certificates.

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